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How many calories do you burn a day?

February 26, 2010

To burn fat and build lean muscle you must exercise. We all know that. But you also have to eat healthy, nutritious foods. It's helpful to know how much to eat (and drink) each day to lose fat and still get enough nutrition to support your exercising body.

A useful tool to find out that amount is the Total Energy Expenditure value. At WhatIsYourTEE.com you can get an estimate of your TEE value by entering your age, weight, height, activity level, etc. It's a good way to check in to your daily eating and exercising habits. And knowing that is motivating when you realize you can do little things to burn more calories and boost your metabolism.

The best ways to burn calories are strength training and high intensity cardio, especially total body circuit workouts like the ones we perform with our clients. By doing these workouts, we build muscle that burns fat (and extra calories) and challenges the whole body. So after the workout, your entire body is needing energy to rebuild those muscle tissues. And even better with strength training is that it fires up your metabolism and requires your body to burn more calories and fat up to 24 hours after your workout.

Check out your TEE and see if you can add one thing to boost your metabolism and help blast away those calories!

Get Smarter, Quicker, and More Focused

February 6, 2010

Women, did you know working out (especially with weights) can make you smarter, quicker, and more focused?

Recent research has shown that a group of older women who enrolled in strength training programs gained more than 10% of executive brain function--making decisions, resolving conflicts, and focusing without being distracted--after only a year of training.

The other group, who performed soley toning and balancing exercises actually experienced slightly worse cognitive functioning than when they started.

So there's another motivating factor for you to pick up weights and start lifting. If you haven't already, there's no better place to start than here at The Present Body with our trainers, who are experts in resistance training for all ages and body types. Even if you do lift weights, we can show you more effective and fun ways to keep your workout fresh and creative.

But most importantly, take ownership of your health and don't let great opportunities to transform your life pass you by.