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Katherine, Piedmont— After Only Four Months!





  Before After
Dress Size 16 8
Weight   -35 lbs
Mile Time 10:30 7:17


I met Allen through The Sports Club LA. With a degree in Human Biodynamics from Cal and as a former Division 1 NCAA intercollegiate athlete, I figured I knew my way around a gym and was not looking for a trainer. However, through a promotion at the gym I was given seven free sessions. To my great fortune, The Sports Club LA paired me with Allen.

After only a few workouts with Allen it was apparent that I was making improvements in strength and flexibility that I had never before experienced. By the time I had burned through my free sessions I found myself in the best shape I'd been in for years. Despite my previous beliefs, I realized how much I had gained from working with Allen and did not hesitate to purchase the maximum number of sessions.

From these sessions I continue to experience tremendous gains in strength and flexibility and continue to be motivated to go to the gym. Allen keeps the workouts fun and fresh, and most importantly, consistent with my goals and lifestyle. My overall health has improved and I find myself sleeping better at nights and feeling better throughout the course of the day. My performance as a “weekend warrior” has improved dramatically and I know that if I had been training with Allen before and during my intercollegiate days I would have been a much better athlete. I only wish I had met Allen sooner, and strongly recommend him to anyone, in any physical shape, of any athletic background!

Dan Garfin
Former NCAA Baseball Player


Allen has been my personal trainer for the past 10 weeks. He has gently guided me in ways to improve my strength and endurance. He has also given me confidence that I can perform many training activities. And, he has made strength-training fun!

Allen is very creative in his training routines. I don't think any week of training was the same as a prior week… Allen is also very flexible. If there was a routine I didn't feel comfortable doing, he could always find an alternative routine, which would work on the same muscles or serve the same purpose.

It's amazing that a woman of a "certain age" such as myself can work over an hour with a personal trainer and not feel overwhelmed or exhausted. But Allen made this possible with his flexible and gradually more intense routines.

I would recommend Allen as a personal trainer without hesitation.

Delia I. O'Hara
Nurse Practitioner


Being recently retired from 40yrs nursing I made a commitment to improve my own health and fortunately I found Allen. I have been training with Allen for several months and highly recommend his work. We discussed my goals i.e. improving well-being, balance and mobility, strength and weight loss. Allen gave serious consideration to my age appropriate needs and we started a program in November 2002. Allen has helped me ever so much to incorporate free weights and variety into my program. So far I have noted increases in strength, mobility, balance and a decreases in my weight, pain from arthritis, muscle aches and back pain. I also have an improved sense of well-being and receive many compliments, "You look good!"

Thanks Allen!

Alice Carr
Registered Nurse